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Let's get acquainted

Our humble beginning started among 5 good ol' friends from different industries chilling out over a cup of tea. Everyone shared their painful experiences with the medical industry in Malaysia. When suddenly a eureka moment happened, and a gush of ideas streamed across the table. It took us many more cups of tea across several months of intense discussions from brain swarming to mind mapping and brain storming, to arrive at a almost complete idea. A few more visits to the drawing board, trials and errors and wet runs, helped us engineer one of its kind 'health diary' right at your fingertips.

Thus, on the 14th of March 2019, Life Line Lab Sdn. Bhd. took birth. We initially operated from a simple abode in Petaling Jaya before we moved to our very own spanking brand new, state of the art office in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.

Life Line Lab is devoted to making your medical journey both as a healthcare giver and a patient smooth sailing, easy going and engageable. Life Line Lab aims to not only serve Malaysia but across The Globe as well. Making LIFE simple, In LINE with the latest technology, constantly innovating in our LAB.

Empowering people with all possible options for their diagnosis rather than just relaying on their doctors or second opinion only. This can be achieved by pooling specific healthcare resources and information and making it available as a one stop go to option.

As an ABCD technology solutions provider, we aim to empower everyone with healthcare in your palm via this brand-new ground-breaking technology, which ensures total privacy and discretion. Let's just say for now, these 4 emerging technologies will meet the expectations of end users with relevant information as and when they need it or want it. The potential of ABCD technology is very profound with its limitless capacity, safety and security and it is going to be a game changer.

Our vision

Life Line Lab wants to be the innovators that impact everybody in Malaysia and rest of the globe to better engage, understand and synergize with the medical industry and its functions without impacting the human centric.

Our mission

Life Line Lab hopes to reduce the waiting time incurred by both healthcare giver and patients by having relevant facts and information available at your fingertips as needed in the medical industry today.

Tagline / Motto

Life Line Lab, where innovation BEATS convention

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