Life Line Lab's unprecedented TECHNOLOGY for you

Now let's dive into u nderstanding Life Line Lab's underlying ABCD technology in a nutshell.

Health records can be seen, at their core, as data in some form or another. The basic practice of modern medicine tells us that as we gather more data, we get more accurate analysis and findings. Correct?

Think of a few examples and you will see this to be true:

  • Doctors make diagnosis through patient data and medical histories,
  • New medicines are found and become available from data research,
  • A whole array of health services ranging from appointment scheduling to disease detection all rely on data.

The more relevant data there is available, the better these processes become. However, in the context of today’s healthcare systems, data is often kept in on-site at hospitals and clinics in non-standard formats. This prevents data from being easily accessible and easily shareable, making it far less useful for analytics. How can this walled approach to health data be any good for us as patients or our medical future?

Life Line Lab builds DATAFICATION technologies to help the healthcare landscape transition into a data-driven enterprise. We allow healthcare services to take full advantage of their data by transitioning and storing data in a secure, standardized, and accessible environment.

As the amount of these medical records increase in size, a much larger, efficient and safe place to store all this valuable data is required. A data CLOUD is a place where a huge amount of data can be stored. Traditional data cloud systems, however, have several issues such as data security, data hacks, data loss, management challenges and more.

However, BLOCKCHAIN binds all this data like glue, keeping it safe and sound. Not only that, blockchain also keeps a full track record of this data and traces any changes to those who made the change within the chain; ie, patients and/or customers, medical service providers and practitioners, or hospital/clinic staff. In simple terms, this data is stored in a huge ledger where data is connected to each other by an unbreakable chain and no records can be changed without permission from other previous blocks.

After preparing and storing data for easy access in one standardized place and then gluing it all together to keep it safe from potential hackers or any other technology threat, healthcare services will be ready to use this data to full effect through analysis, computation, and predictive ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI). To this end, Life Line Lab is building AI products and services to provide patients, doctors, and healthcare services with the tools they need to unlock the power of their data at unprecedented levels. The more data we feed to AI, faster, more accurate and reliable predictions are whisked out. It will in no way or means replace medical practitioners. AI will instead help reduce misdiagnosis and human error. It will give a better perspective of the accumulated data. Case in point being, medical history, which will be available for interpretation, diagnosis and application by the medical practitioner at a touch of a button. AI is merely being used as a tool to enhance the technology.

This is the core approach of our ABCD technology -ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, BLOCKCHAIN, CLOUD, and DATAFICATION

To sum it all up, the Life Line Lab team is working day and night towards building the tools necessary to make innovations, better services, by leveraging data to its full potential in a fast, efficient and unorthodox manner. Whilst keeping all this data and information safe, secured and almost immediately accessible, Life Line Lab aims to be the backbone of data being shared across a safe and secure network for a better future and better healthcare services.

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